Hey everyone,
I am Harsha from Madurai, India. I have started this blog to share knowledge and experience and love for things like fashion, makeup, lifestyle and much more. I will be talking about skincare, haircare, reviews on products, tried and tested hacks, some good recipes and so on.

I have been really interested in beauty and lifestyle blogs and videos since I discovered the online community in 2014 when I got graduated from B.Com and had nothing much to do. I wanted to start a blog but was very afraid, but seeing some closer ones on online community…I gathered up strength and courage to start up the blog.

I have a degree in commerce and always love to read and gain knowledge in a variety of topics. My interest keeps changing and I love that. This helped me I gaining more knowledge than I had.

You can email me @harshithadance@gmail.com and make queries relating to anything. I will try my best to answer all your queries. you can also follow me on various social medias. I have added the link below.

Pinterest: Belle indiana

Google+: Belle Indiana

Instagram: Belle indiana

Twitter: Belle Indianaa

Facebook page: Belle Indiana


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