Maxi Skirt And Shirt/ Sangeet Look

Maxi skirt and Shirt- Sangeet Look

Hello, Guys!!!

Have you ever felt difficulty in planning your looks for some events? You want to look your best and stylish as well. You want it to blend with the occasion still stand out in the crowd. With evolving fashion, there are many trends and looks that you can try this wedding season.

This new style is every where, looks elegant, classy and is also comfortable. I am talking about the skirt and top style that has taken everyone by storm. You can spot everyone sporting this very look every where now be in any event/occasion. You can play it up and down however you want. The versatility of this look is what I loved the most. It can be ethnic with any choice of pattern on it or have that western fusion feel too. Either way, you will look glam-sham in it.

Maxi skirt and Shirt- Sangeet Look

You must have struggled planning your looks for various wedding occasions be it a Sangeet look or Mehendi look. Here I brought you one new look for the sangeet night. Girls have always problems with their dressing. It is never easy to decide on which outfit to be worn. With this post, later you won’t have problems with taking a decision.The

Maxi skirt and Shirt- Sangeet Look

Maxi skirt and a shirt are all that you need to rock this look. They go well with each other making a new style. This look can be worn by anyone and carry the look with ease. You don’t have to be particular shape or weight to pull of this look. It smartly covers your tummy just in case you are worried about it. It is a way to create the look of a toned stomach without much revealing it either.

Maxi skirt and Shirt- Sangeet Look

About the outfit – I have worn this cream maxi skirt with gold checks on it as a design. As gold goes perfectly with any color, I paired it with a green shirt. The shirt has got buttons all the way with full sleeves and with a patchwork on left shoulder and right side mid-riff area. The very interesting feature in this whole outfit is it has got a rope behind in criss cross loops. This rope is tied like the shoe lace gives that choli look to the shirt.

Maxi skirt and Shirt- Sangeet Look

Rope can be used to alter the size of the top to make it comfortable while wearing. I paired this look with gold slippers and a diamond studded earrings with a green bead dangler. Added red lipstick and some color liner for the makeup and swept hair to one side and pinned it using some fancy hair pins completing the whole look.

Maxi skirt and Shirt- Sangeet Look

This is it guys. I hope you loved this look. I would like to hear it from you guys about this look.

Love you xoxo


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