Am Back!!!!

Hello, Guys! It has been a long gap that I was absent from my blog. Though I was still active on social media like Instagram. Do you follow me there? If not, do now because there is gonna be some good posts happening soon. My all social media handles are under name @belleindiana and on Twitter as @belleindianaa. Do follow me there.

So I was to attend a cousin’s marriage and then spend some time with my family in nanihal. I was to my nanihal after a year. So I was anticipating about my stay here and things that I was planning to do.

It’s been a month’s holiday but feels like I just started yesterday for the trip. It was such fun and exciting trip. I think taking a long trip in between our busy schedules do gives us relaxation, peace and a bag full of energy to come back at work. Look at some pictures I have added from the last one month holiday.

Look forward to some regular post updates from now. So many new posts have lined up. I am so excited to share with you and meet you after a long time.

Bye with love from Belle Indiana!!







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