My Current Hair Care Routine

Hair care is much complicated as skin care. You would get to listen to all sorts of advises from everyone you come across. Elders will share their hacks while others will talk about current trending products and treatments. But before stepping on any stone, you need to know about your hair in and out. Anything that is applied to your hair before knowing about your hair is like making tests on your hair before getting final results. In this process, you may end up damaging and losing lot of your hair.

As said above, first know your hair type, texture, thick or fine, oily or dry. Know if it has got split ends or more prone to breakage. After you know about all of this, now you should be able to choose right product for yourself.

I have simplified my hair care routine to a simple 5 steps. I will just take you through what I do to care for my hair and the products that I use for my hair type.

Oiling :


At First I used to oil my hair every alternate day or say I used to oil my hair and braid them. But now with changing lifestyle, it is not possible to oil and braid my hair every day. I also got dandruff and oily scalp so it is not good for me to oil my hair frequently. Not oiling hair is also not good so I now oil my hair an hour or any amount of time that I get before washing my hair. Oil and massage them well and keep it like that for some time. This oiling and massage will give relaxation and all required nutrients to hair. Oiling strengthens and promotes hair growth while preventing breakage.

Curd mask:


I know I know, everyone talks about using hair mask after shampoo. But I use it before I shampoo. I apply yogurt to hair and keep it in bun for sometime while I take my bath or even shave myself. Then I wash the yogurt off from my hair. Curd has anti fungal properties which soothes scalp and helps in removing dandruff. Sometimes I like to add lime juice to my curd mask and add additional benefit. Lime juice helps with dandruff removal and add in shine if used with water in last wash. I find my hair so soft and silky the day I use curd mask.


Shampoo :


Shampoo is third step in hair care. Clearing all dirt, pollution and oily scalp is needed for healthy hair. Select a shampoo that attends to all your needs and requirements. Market has got all sorts of shampoos according to various necessaities of hair. There is separate shampoo for every hair problem. So buy wisely. I have got fine hair and dandruff on scalp. So I use two shampoo alternatively.

I have a dandruff shampoo that if I use today then I will use next after two washes. It is not good to use more often so giving a mild wash in between two washes is beneficial. I use a mild shampoo when I  don’t use dandruff shampoo. This will clear the dirt and won’t take away extra oils from hair and scalp thus leaving them healthy and clean.

Conditioner :


This step is as important as any other step in ahir care routine. This step is givving back every thing that hair must have lost in the process of getting clean. With the lifestyle and all hair styling techniques that we use, we damage our hair very much. To repair the damage, we need to condition them by giving nutrients to soothe and smooth the hair.

Hair serum :

Why is hair serum needed would be your question. The simple answer that I can give you is ease out the tangles and frizz caused in hair while washing them. This frizz and tangles may tend to break the hair while we comb and try to remove frizz. By applying the serum we smoothen and ease out the frizz so we can comb our hair easily without breaking them. You don’t particularly need to buy one serum, for this, you can even use the hair oil that you use which is also light and not heavy. You just need to use two drops of serum or oil. This helps lock in all nutrients that were given to it and protect from outside pollution and harmful rays. Livon hair serum is very nice for this step. It just smoothens the frizz and leaves your hair flowy and frizz free.

These are the simple 5 steps that I use to care for my hair and nourish them well. For further tips I would suggesst to allow them air dry and not use any blow dryer regularly. Plus use less of heat styling products and save them for special occasions alone. If you tend to work outside a lot then use a scarf to cover your hair from dirt and rays.

Question for today – what is your one product that you swear by for your hair?



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