Playing With Cold Shoulder

I am a person who loves trends. If something is all over and I keep on seeing it, I gradually tend to like it (in some cases not) and feel like owning it too. But, I don’t end up adding everything trending into my wardrobe.

This time I have had my eyes on cold shoulders. This thing has been trending in clothing from last year or maybe 6 months. I am not sure because I feel it’s been a long time I have been eyeing on them. I wanted to have my hands on cold shoulder tops and finally, I got my chance to grab one.

I was to Mumbai this April and went for little shopping in Hill Road, Bandra. I was actually late in the market for shopping. It was almost closing time. I had to hurry up and collect all things that I loved. And, finally, I got my hands on this cold shoulder top.

Firstly, it’s cold shoulder and it has got blue and white vertical stripes. This just gave me the feel of beach and breeze. It was totally apt for summer and the color was bright. It has got lace in the neck area giving it a feminine look.

I feel I will be coming up with so many outfit ideas with this cold shoulder top and adding many more cold shoulder style to my wardrobe as well. Quite into it!!

Question for you today!

Do you love feminine look or sporty look?

cold shoulder stylePlaying with cold shouldercold shoulder stylecold shoulder stylecold shoulder style

Outfit details:

Top : Hill Road

Jeans: Jeggings, Wrangler

Shoes : Craftsmarket, Bombay

Earrings : Local store

Watch : Local store


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