Should You Save Or Splurge On Makeup Products??

I am always a person who just looks at something new and gets a feel that heck yes!! I should buy this. Though I never end up buying those things. I was never a person who never thought if I should be Saving Or Splurging on this item. But recently, I learned that I can get everything I want by just saving on some and splurging on the others while not making a big hole in my pocket either.

Even you must be waiting to know how you could save and still enjoy all you want. You must have been waiting for someone who could give you all that tips and tricks while buying something to get more at less cost. Then fear not, you are at right place! I will take you through all the products that you can save or splurge on. Let’s just get on with it!


Now the first product is the primer. Primer is good for our makeup routine as it helps the makeup stay all long without creasing. It also acts as a barrier between makeup and our skin not allowing makeup to enter our skin and so investing in a good primer is a must.


Now the foundation is the second thing after primer that I am going to talk about. If you need one product for the whole of your makeup then just spend on Foundation, I highly recommend. If your base is not good, then whatever goes above doesn’t matter. So splurge on a good foundation for your skin type and now you have some good drugstore foundations that work well.


My take on concealer would be saving on it. Concealers are used in small amount than our foundation and we would run out of it very quickly. It would not be feasible to invest a lot of amount on concealers every month or so.  And moreover, if you use wand directly on pimples, you are likely to contaminate the whole concealer tube. So I would better advise you to save on concealers.

Setting powders/ Compacts:

Setting powders and compacts are used to set our base so it doesn’t crease or meltdown and look cakey. It depends on various skin types if you should be splurging or saving on powders. For dry skin, you might not need a setting powder, whereas for combination skin you would use powder in specific areas. For oily skin, you should use powder to set base all over your face and neck. So it clearly depends on skin type whether to splurge or not. But now that there are very good setting powders in drugstores as well, I think you can get to save on powders as well.


Bronzers are a multipurpose thing! Use bronzers to warm up your face, contouring and also as an eyeshadow. Investing in good bronzer will result in the full worth of it along with many more uses. Pick up right shade of bronzer to not look too orange or grey as it goes more places around you.

Highlighter and Blush:

Unless you are wearing blush and highlighter every day with high glam makeup, it would be a waste of investing in high-end products. Moreover, at times you would not even know the proper shade that would suit you and end up buying things which don’t suit you. Blush and highlighter both go in the minimal places on your face. So instead of splurging on high-end, you can save and still get best blush and highlighter from the drugstore. There are very good formulated products that go long and worth the save like this one from Maybelline Color Show blush. It goes with every skin tone is budget friendly as well.

To not make it too long I would be doing another post with save or splurge for lips and eyes separately. Comment below if you liked it and stay tuned for more such posts.

Save or splurge



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