3 Face Washes For Different Skin Types This Summer



Summer is everywhere and so on our skin. With scorching sun, it becomes difficult to step out of the home with that clear, glowing and brights skin. In Summer our skin starts to act differently like excess sebum production. You feel oily everywhere on your face. It even feels dehydrated. Above all this, there is pollution and dirt everywhere to add to the problems.

The first step in skincare is choosing the right face wash for your skin type. It makes a huge difference when you have your hands on the right product. Every skin is different from texture and type. With so many options available in the market it becomes difficult to choose one as well. So before investing in any product, you must very well understand your skin type. I have come up with these three face washes which are suitable for different skin types and are best in summers. They work well for their respective skin type.

Oily skin:

If you have oily skin and acne prone skin then you must be using a face wash that removes excess sebum from the skin and not over doing it. Oil- Free Acne Wash by Neutrogena is best for oily and acne prone skin.This face wash doesn’t just cleanse- it also treats and helps prevent acne with maximum strength.  It has got salicylic acid which exfoliates inside a pore, clears pores, treats breakouts and builds elastin and collagen. It is best for combination and oily or acne prone skin types.

Dry skin:

Dry skin is lacking sebum and feels dehydrated always. In summers dry skin gets drier. For this skin type, it is important to cleanse the skin from dirt and impurities while locking in moisture well. The Body Shop Vitamin E- gentle face wash is good for dry skin. It contains Vitamin E which is an important ingredient being found in products for dry skin. Vitamin E is a potential antioxidant that helps to protect skin from free radical damage by nourishing deeply.

Normal Skin:

People with normal skin type are blessed. The oil production is in right measure and skin doesn’t over dry. They just need a gentle cleanser that cleanses away impurities and still doesn’t seem to be drying on skin.  Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser is best suited for normal skin type. It cleans skin without feeling tightness or over-drying. It doesn’t strips skin from natural oils and is unscented as well.



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