Instagram Accounts That I Love For Beautiful Accessories

Hello everyone!! How have you been in this hot summer? Detox yourself with fruits infused water and keep hydrated. This post is different from my usual ones. Today I will take you through some Instagram accounts that I love and their products.

I am an accessories lover. I have lots of accessories, especially earrings. I love showing off a different pair of earrings every time. That doesn’t mean I don’t repeat them. I do repeat because I love them. So I thought to take through some Instagram accounts that do excellent work with accessories and I love them. Let’s start with one by one.


Nakhrewaali is all about going bold and big. Their products are handcrafted and present Indian contemporary jewellery. I love wearing big chunky earrings and they also make a good statement. Wearing with a simple plain kurta pairing them with these earrings will make your outfit stand out. Here are some pics of their products.

Youtuber Sejal Kumar showing off her Nakhras


Sataara is another great Instagram account I came across for accessories. They have got accessories for men, women, and kids. They provide Indian and contemporary jewelry. They go well with any kind of outfit and are eye- catching as well.


Ritika is a personal jewellery designer and has got an Instagram account with name @sachdeva.ritika . She does an excellent job in designing jewellery and is more into Indian style. She loves to play with silver oxidized jewellery in different forms be it earring or long chains or statement pieces.

Parineeti Chopra wearing denim choker by Ritika Sachdeva

Tell me in comments below if you liked this post and want to see more such posts. You can even give me some requests for any posts. I hope you enjoyed this posts. Bye!!!!!


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