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Basic Pieces Of Clothing That You Should Have In Your Wardrobe And Where You Can Find Them!

Hello guys, So I am back with another post Fashion and Clothing. This time I am going to talk about some basic clothing pieces that your wardrobe must have.

You would be wondering now if your wardrobe is lacking with any clothing piece that I am going to mention in this post. Now you would say, Hey I have got everything in my wardrobe, but wait for a second, are you sure that you have got every basic clothing piece with you? Don’t worry, common let’s go through them and see if you have all of them.


These clothing pieces are not just for people who wear western clothing alone or more than traditional ones. But if you are the one who is going to invest in some clothing now, go through this post, I am sure you would end up deciding on which ones to better invest. Let me start with one by one.


Basic Pieces Of Clothing That You Must Have

Denim is the first basic piece of clothing that you should be possessing. If you could have your hands on dark color denim, then what better than a black one. It is one that goes with everything you can imagine. You can make it casual or take up to classy level with just playing up or down. If you don’t have one, make sure you get one soon.

  1. Dark Color Denim –
  2. Denim –

Basic Plain Tee:

Basic Pieces Of Clothing That You Must Have

Basic plain tee is what everyone must have in their wardrobe. You can pair it will denim for casual days or go with a pleated skirt and some strappy sandals to make it look chic. You can also make a custom graphic on the tee if you are a DIY lover. Let me know in comments below if you want to know how to play with custom graphics on plain Tees.

  1. Grey plain Tee with full sleeves –
  2. White Tee –

White shirt:

The White shirt is a universal piece of clothing and I love it. If you want to dress up casual still make your look work up a notch above casual, choose a white shirt. You can make a knot at the bottom of the shirt and pair it up with denim or skirt for that casual look or pair it up with formal pants and some accessories to level up the game. One piece of clothing and different ways to style it up. Isn’t this best to have in your wardrobe? Still thinking??

  1. White shirt –
  2. White shirt –

Little Black Dress:

Basic Pieces Of Clothing That You Must Have

The Little black dress can never go wrong. It would be like one outfit that can never play wrong. Be it a party, or even casual brunch time or girls day out, you can choose a little black dress and pair it up with accessories to play it according to the occasion. Pair it up with denim coat to play down or with right accessories and stilettos for that elegant and classy look.

  1. black skater dress –
  2. Black Bodycon dress –

Denim coat / Blazer:

Basic Pieces Of Clothing That You Must Have

Denim coat can make an outfit look casual or amp up that casual outfit for a more chic look. The same with a blazer. It can make your casual outfit much better when you want to keep it simple yet chic. I recommend having both in your wardrobe because you will be sorted out a lot of times when you are unsure about your outfit. Add this and you are sorted!!

  1. Denim coat –
  2. Blazer- ,

Shoes and Stilettos:

Basic Pieces Of Clothing That You Must Have


Shoes and Stilettos are something that you must invest in for sure. Pairing up your canvas shoes with your little black dress will not make you look overboard and pairing up your stilettos with casual outfit will just take your outfit to next level.

  1.  Shoes – ,
  2. Stilettos – ,



So now start building your wardrobe and experiment with your outfits!!!!


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