How To Get Soft Curls Without Heat!!

How To Get Soft Curls Without HeatHello everyone!! I know I have been off from my blog lately. I was hold up with something and finally, I am back. I will try my best to stay consistent and put up new posts regularly.

I have straight hair and I love having curls in my hair. It’s human nature to love something that others have and you don’t. My hair is stubborn straight. Let’s say they are so straight that they don’t hold curls for long time when I love so much to have curled them.

But luckily, I found a solution for this. Recently I found this thing where I can have soft curls and it stays like that for pretty long time. So I thought of sharing it with you, as you too would want to have curls without heat. Yes, without any heat!!!!

For this, you need nothing more than a rubber band or elastic band or a butterfly clip whichever you are comfortable with. If you are ready to know then lets dive into the “how to” process of getting soft and sexy looking curls.

Wash your hair with shampoo and condition them well. Dry your hair as air dry. Allow them to dry on their own. When your hair is 80% dry like you feel it has got wetness feel but no water this is the right time. Take all of your hair and tie them up in a bun. You can have a tight bun or little loose whichever is comfortable and tie it up using elastic band or butterfly clip. Make sure it stays that way for as long as possible or at least 4 to 5 hours. Now when you open up your bun, you will be able to see beautiful soft curls in your hair.

How To Get Soft Curls Without Heat

How To Get Soft Curls Without Heat

Now the reason why I love this method of curling my hair is very simple. It includes no heat tools or appliances in curling the hair and is not harsh or damaging to my hair at all. So I get curls without any damage to my hair. Who wouldn’t want that kind of double deal. It is like beauty with health. I wouldn’t miss such deal at any cost.

How To Get Soft Curls Without Heat

How To Get Soft Curls Without Heat

I loved how it turned out for me and I was very happy showing off my curls. I even had people asking me if I curled my hair and how I ended up with such beautiful curls. Try it for yourself and get ready to be complimented for awesome hair.


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