Things You Need To Carry In Your Beach Bag/ Pool Bag This Summer!

Things You Need To Carry In Your Beach_Pool BagSummer is stepping in and so it is the time for vacation too. Many of you must also be planning to go to a beach or to pools to beat the summer heat. I know how many times I would forget to carry something or the other thing in my beach bag and then always think I should not do the same the next time. Sometimes there comes an occasion where you suddenly feel the need of something but you have not carried that thing with you to the beach or pool.

So I thought as it is summer time I should come up with this post talking about the things that you should in your bag and not forget anything behind to have an Awwwwwesome vacation that you have wanted.

I personally like to carry a big bag where I can carry everything in one bag. I also like to carry a plastic carry bag separately to keep my wet clothes and not to mess it with other things. You can also use a paper/ plastic bag that will carry your wet clothes as well with other beach and summer essentials.

Snoogg Summer Beach Waterproof Bag

If you are heading to pool then you would get a towel to dry yourself up but if you are heading to a beach don’t forget to pack a towel. The next thing that you need to carry is a spare bikini. You might spill something on it and you want to get change into another one or your bikini straps tear off. So you never know when the need can arise so always carry a spare bikini with you.Things You Need To Carry In Your Beach_Pool Bag

By Spilling I remember the next item you should carry in your bag is some snacks or food items. You are going to feel really hungry after swimming or at the beach and as you will stay there the whole day or for a much long time. I know you would not like to starve yourself. And also carry a water bottle because you will feel thirsty under the sun and I know you would not like to move from your place again and again for water. So carry a water bottle too.

You will be in sun and that’s why you need to carry sunscreen with you to save your skin from harmful sun rays. I love using Nivea you can use this and for the face, you can opt for Lakme sun Expert.Things You Need To Carry In Your Beach_Pool Bag

Now you protected your skin from the sun but what about eyes? That is why you need to carry your cool shades that you have bought but haven’t worn yet. It is time to take them out and show off your style. Since you are going to be at beach or pool for the whole day, I know you won’t be swimming the whole time so you can carry a novel or book with you to read and catch up with where you have left. This will be the optimal use of time and fun too.Things You Need To Carry In Your Beach_Pool Bag

Next things that I am going to ask you to carry in your bag is hygiene related. Carry wipes and hand sanitizer with you so can keep your hands clean after eating and don’t have to run to the washroom every time to wash hands which is just impossible too.

With makeup, I prefer not to carry any and just stay natural. I don’t want to have heavy makeup and one dip into the pool and all your makeup is messed and you look scary with liner, kajal, and mascara everywhere around eyes. So stay natural. One thing I would like to use is a good SPF tinted lip balm for my lips as they can get dry and chapped under the hot sun. So tinted lip balm with SPF will take care of my lips and give them little color so don’t look pale in the pool. Also, carry any facial mist as your face can get dry under the sun, so these facial mists can keep it hydrated.Things You Need To Carry In Your Beach_Pool Bag

Carry some hair ties with you because you would not be able to enjoy if your hair is everywhere and you can’t even see. So hair tie will hold the hair and you can relax and swim without disturbance. The last thing you need to carry in your beach bag is a sarong that you can use to wrap yourself when you are in and out of water or when you want to go get something so it is nice to carry a sarong with you.

These were the things that you need to carry with you in your beach bag or pool bag. What do you like to carry in your bag? Is it included in this big list? Comment below!




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