10 Things To Do To Get Glowing Skin! (#8 is very important)


Hello, Gorgeous girls!! Today we are going to talk all about skin, skin, and skin only. Skin is major or biggest organ of our body in the words of science. Skin is the outer surface of our body too. It goes through a lot of things from morning to night. From cheek kisses from our loved ones to resting ur face on tables, while working to pollutants in the city, it suffers so much. Have you ever given thought what all it goes through? Never?

Skin is also an organ and health of the skin is also important as any other organ in our body. Just like a machine runs on a daily basis, it needs fuel and also maintenance. So does our skin needs. It needs to fuel in the form of food and maintenance by taking care in a routine way.

When we lack in giving fuel and when we fail to maintain it, it shows the results outside. We start getting acnes or zits, pigmentation and so much more problems. This makes our face look dull and unhealthy also. This is why we need to take care of our skin on daily basis with a pre – set routine. So let’s see what things to do and not to do to have healthy, glowing skin.

  1. It is important to wash your face twice every day to keep it clean and dust free. Once in morning and once before bed.
  2. Girls love to dress up and all dolled up. We use lots of makeup products on our face. It is necessary to remove the makeup every day before bed and dare not sleep with it. I am sure you are craving for that natural glowing skin.
  3. There are many things that become a breeding place for germs and one such is our pillow cases. We use it in all ways possible like sleep on that, play with that, cry on that. Not washing it regularly means lots of germs has got direct contact with your face. So wash pillow cases alternatively.
  4. Makeup applicators, tools, and sponges are other such things that we directly use on face and not keeping them clean is harming your skin. They can be easily maintained clean. So don’t get lazy!!!
  5. What goes inside our body is shown outside. Having healthy or paleo food would help you in nourishing your skin and keep it glowing. Always keep an eye of what goes inside.
  6. A healthy body means a healthy mind. Exercise is one thing that can keep body and mind healthy and energetic. Exercise is the key to healthy skin. By increasing blood flow, exercise helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital.
  7. Stressing gives nothing else other harming your body, mind, and health. Stress also harms our skin. Exercise helps in remain stress-free and in turn give healthy skin.
  8. There are some things that we constantly use and one of them is our smartphones. We touch them with dirty hands and use for long calls. This is one easy way for germs to transfer directly on our skin. Use tissues or wipes to clean your phones and keep them clean. If possible do it daily.
  9. Keeping our fingers away from our face is something is harder and I myself am guilty of not doing this. I constantly touch my face and then remember to move my fingers away. We keep touching so many things and not everything is clean. With those dirty hands, we then touch our face transferring all possible dirt to our face. So never touch your face constantly.
  10. You must have a beauty regimen to take care of our skin just like our work and never skip the regimen for that natural glowing skin.

What do you do to keep your skin glowing and healthy? Do comment below if you liked this post and tell me what more would you like to see on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.



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