Productive Ways To Spend A Winter evening

Productive ways to spend a cold winter evening1Every time as the holidays season ends, it is also the end of winter. I wait for it to end and the thought that comes to my mind is “I am so ready for spring”. I am not a big fan of winter as it is too cold for me to stand it and I don’t like the sad or winter blues. Wasn’t it enough of us going through Monday blues every week? The lack of daylight gets into all of us and we all get tired/ lazy and staying on top of our things won’t come easy.

But as the new year comes we all have so many resolutions and exciting goals set out for ourselves, wouldn’t it be great to achieve them before the spring strikes amidst these lazy winter days. On those winter evenings when you feel lazy, you still can spend it in a productive way. Here are things you can do.


Journalising is a great way to spend an evening in a productive way. You get to reflect on things happening and get well connected with your goals. You get to keep track of your progress, get mental clarity and get rid of “mental clutter” that fogs your focus. It might not seem much productive but will help in achieving your goals, be it big or small.


Are you like me having books stacked up in your bookshelf and your “to read list” gets longer and longer. These winter evenings are good for reducing the that long list. Cold winter evenings are perfect for catching up on the book you left half way while reading, those magazines that you have piled up and also blogs.

A warm blanket, a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a new book to read is a perfect recipe to spend a cozy winter evening. Audiobooks are also great when you have got to fold laundry and you want to read a book. Through audiobooks, you can still read and do your work.

Try A New Recipe

You love food and you love cooking. You can use this talent of yours to spend that cozy evening. You have got your master pantry ready to create something new and enjoy the winter. Sometimes when I have a really stressful day, one of my favorite things to do is to cook- it’s soothing and relaxing. This is, even more, fun when you can do with your partner or your roommate. Maybe learn how to bake a perfect cupcake, or make homemade bread? On Sundays, I love making a batch of homemade cookies for the week ahead, which usually takes care of my brunch and snacks during the workweek.


Organizing is another great way to spend a cold winter evening in a productive way. De-cluttering things and organizing your closet, your room, laundry room or your kitchen can be a perfect opportunity. Doing this you can stay busy all day now that you have a bit more time and also stay productive.

Take Care

Winters are a good time for those working and busy people who can’t take care of yourselves during your busy work schedule. Take some time to take care of yourself personally like having a long relaxing bath, taking the dog for a walk or so. This may not seem to be productive but it is. When you want to give best at your work, to your family then you must be in best condition to do so.

Learn Something New

I am always ready to learn something new. My interest keeps changing that also helps me in learning new things. You are in a wonderful age where with a single click of mouse you can have access to enormous amount of knowledge and free resources. There are various websites like edX or Open Culture you can access free online courses from the world’s leading universities like Yale and Harvard, whatever your interests might be. A few websites I visit regularly are TED  and Marie Forleo.

Productive ways to spend a cold winter evening


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