8 Hacks And Ways To Avoid Shoe Bites

 Hello, guys, I was little caught up in work last week and that’s why I couldn’t post anything. While I do wanted to but couldn’t make it. I know you must have been waiting for my new post. You must be thinking why am I being sorry to you. It’s because I love talking to you people through my blog and get connected. Making you wait is something I myself don’t like so, sorry guys!!!Ways and hacks to avoid shoe bites

Shoes!! Yes, we are going to talk about shoes here. I personally love shoes. I love wearing different types and matching with my style and clothes. Mostly I love sneakers. They are the most comfortable I feel. As I am a dancer sneakers are the first thing I reach for.

When buying new ones and waiting to wear them, I have always felt bad for buying those, even if I felt it for a second. You may wonder why. Well, it is because of shoe bites. Every time I wore a new pair of shoes and if they are little tight then I keep feeling uncomfortable in them and also painful. Even many of you must be feeling the same as me I am damn sure.

 Now we buy new shoes because we love them and now they are painful to wear. You can’t get rid of them as they are brand new and it will be the waste of money too. Leaving them as it is just gonna break my heart for sure, if not yours. One more thing that we do is passing them to someone to whom they may fit right but you can’t do this to every pair that gives you shoe bites.8 Ways and hacks to avoid shoe bites

That’s why I have come up with these simple hacks that help you avoid shoe bites and never have to bear pain again. Let’s directly get into those simple and easy hacks.

Coconut oil:

This can be said as dadi ka nuska which means grandmom’s hack. It has been followed by generation after generation. Apply a small amount of coconut oil all over your shoe or straps. This will avoid friction between your feet and shoe and prevent bites.8 Ways and hacks to avoid shoe bites

Petroleum Jelly:

Are you discovering yet another use of the petroleum jelly? You can either apply to your feet covering fully or at the places you mostly get bites. Leave it to dry for some time then slip in your shoes smoothly and walk without pain.

Bandaid :

You can stick bandaids on the back of your ankle where you get bites by those ankle straps. This will avoid friction and save you from another bite. You can even stick it to the back of your shoes on the edges to prevent a bite.8 Ways and hacks to avoid shoe bites

Cello tape:

If you think band-aids can be visible because of its brown color then don’t worry, I got you covered even here. You those clear cello tapes instead of band-aids and voila, you are saved. You can even wrap your little finger of your toe if that gets hurt a lot.

Potato juice:

It’s one of the best home remedies to cure and prevent shoe bites. Just cut a potato into thick slices and rub one on the heel of your foot and the bridge of your ankle. The juice acts as an antiseptic that reduces inflammation and helps cure sore feet and bruises.

Dry powder:

Shoe bites are often caused because of excessive sweating and perspiration. If this is the case same with you, just put some powder on your feet, and they will remain dry and fresh. The powder also helps in reducing any burning or tingling sensation that you may feel after a shoe bite.8 Ways and hacks to avoid shoe bites

Blow dry:

One other remedy that you can do to prevent shoe bites is heating them up so they could expand and fit you well. Slide in your foot in the shoes and take your blow dryer and blow dry your shoes for a while. The heat will make the shoes to expand and this, in turn, prevents bites.

Freeze them:

If you are not ready to heat them up then don’t worry. You can freeze them. Friction happens when things don’t fit well. So fill a zip lock bag with water and insert it in shoes and freeze them. As the water freezes, the shoes will expand to accommodate the water. Now you can wear them easily and there will be no friction.


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