December Favourites - Belle Indiana

December Favorites

Salam, namaste guys!!! Wishing you all a very cheerful and productive new year :* I hope you all had a wonderful memory from new year celebrations and waiting to kick start 2017 with a bang. Well, I have started mine. I am pretty happy with the way I started. Organizing things, getting some time out for myself from work and spending time with family.

Coming to December favorites, December is special for everyone because it is the end of the year and start the new. We wrap up some things and plan for something new. We list out our resolutions for the upcoming year and find out favorites from the previous year. So following the custom, I have come up with December favorites.

December is special for me because it brings my birthday. If you have been following me on Instagram you would have known. My birthday was on 31st December. It is like ending of the year and month with a birthday celebration in morning and welcoming the new year with joy in the night.

  1. So my birthday had to be one of my favorites in the month of December. It is an obvious one in the list. Had a good time celebrating and enjoying surprises one after the other. December Favourites
  2. It was my birthday and I thought it is a good time to pamper and get a change. What better could be than a hair cut?  So I got a hair cut and I have been crushing on my hair since. I have always had long hair till my hips. Having this haircut has changed my look totally.December Favourites
  3. If you have been following my blog regularly, you would know I talked about a DIY Lip Scrub in my Friday DIY posts. I absolutely love the scrub. So easy to make at home and use it anytime anywhere. It effectively removes dead cells and makes my lips smooth and soft.December Favourites
  4. I was using Neutrogena face wash recently which got over and I couldn’t stock up on that. So I started using Neutrogena blackhead eliminating scrub daily. I love it, as it is gentle on skin and removes dead skin, dirt and grime and leaves my skin soft and bright. I will recommend you to use this if you have got oily skin and blackheads like me.
  5. If you know me then you would know I love food and I am a foodie. Moreover, I also love to cook and eat all that my heart asks for. So I recently made cupcakes. I decorated it with whip cream and dusted little cocoa powder and sprinkled some silver balls. I just can’t say in words the way it looked. I just couldn’t wait to have one. Then another one and then one more. I had to make them again and that is why they have made into my favorites list.December Favourites
  6. Another favorite thing of mine and every other girl’s is shopping. Actually, I got to choose my birthday gifts from Max and it was a surprise from my friend. I was so excited to do shopping. After going through many things I finally chose my gifts and I was like Yippie!!!!!!!December Favourites

So that’s all in December favorites and I hope you liked It and please comment what you liked the most from these. Also, do subscribe and share if you liked it.


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