Nivea Body Milk Nourishing Lotion – Full Review

Nivea Body Milk Nourishing Lotion full review

Hello, guys!! So I am back with a full review post on Nivea body milk nourishing lotion. If you are following you would know this product if from my Nykaa skincare and haircare haul post and I have also given a small review cum first impression on Nivea body lotion.

Nivea Body Milk Nourishing Lotion full review

As I said I would come with a full review post and here I am!! Nivea Body milk nourishing lotion richly caring, long lasting and is also intensively caring. It is for very dry skin. Nivea body milk nourishing lotion comes with almond oil and it says to hydrate and moisturize for 24 hours.

Nivea Body Milk Nourishing Lotion full review

Nivea claims:

  • Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.
  • Ingredients carefully selected according to strict quality standards.
  • This Body Milk is free of colorants and animal-derived ingredients.

Packaging and Costing:

It comes in a blue plastic bottle with a flip cap and you can hear the sound while opening and closing the cap. This gives a sensation that bottle is closed tightly and no leakage will happen. The Nivea lotion is creamy and fluid. It is in white color. The cost of Nivea lotion for 200 ml is Rs. 210 which seems to be little pricier.

My take on Nivea Body Milk lotion:

Nivea is the other brand that we frequently hear other than Vaseline to hydrate our skin. I could not wait to use and give you a review of how it felt. My skin felt very smooth and soft after my first use of Nivea body lotion. I applied it at 8 Am in the morning and my skin still felt smooth till the next day. I swear, I didn’t have the bath the next day and kept touching my hands and legs for to feel that smoothness. Almond oil in the lotion helps in softening the skin. The rich and creamy formula with Hydra IQ and Natural Minerals effectively moisturizes the skin.

Nivea Body Milk Nourishing Lotion full review

Nivea claims that lotion is skin compatible and I feel it is skin friendly and I didn’t feel any irritation or effects on skin after application. It also claims to be free from colorants and I agree to it because of it being white in color. It is also free from animal- derived ingredients which is good and so it is vegan.

I would recommend this to all those who has got very dry skin to experience that smooth and soft skin. I am sure you won’t be able o take your hands off of your skin and see them returning to your skin to feel the feathery feel of skin.


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