Candy Colored Lip Scrub

Candy colored Lip scrub

You know I can’t get through any season without my lip scrubs and lip balms. In fact, if I didn’t have my lip and skin regimen, (soon there will be a new post coming up on my blog about my lip regimen) my lips would crack off and they would get dried and patchy. I haven’t invested in any store brought lip scrubs yet because I have some beautiful hacks and homemade lip scrubs to help me exfoliating my lips well. Well, today I am sharing a new DIY recipe and I know you are just going to love it. It’s CANDY Colored Lip Scrub!!

Candy colored Lip scrub

I wanted to take you through the first step of the recipe so you can see how I create the beautiful candy color blend. You start out with plain sugar. For photo purposes, I made a much larger batch than what the recipe calls for. What did I do with it all in the end? I filled a couple small containers and then used the rest of it on my legs. Dual purpose. And just one more reason for you to try this amazing scrub.

Candy colored Lip scrub

I use lip scrub year round. You all know how dry lips are in every season you can think about. I rub it onto and around my lips in the shower and whenever I see my lips chapped and patchy. It sloughs off any dead, rough, or loose skin and preps your lips for the lipstick or gloss you’ll put on before you run out of the door for the day. Isn’t it smart? It is,right.

Okay, so back to our sugar.’s where you should read the recipe before you start making this lip scrub. There are a couple steps to the recipe, and you DON’T dump all of the sugar into one bowl. You need to divide the sugar into three separate bowls.

So, for the yellow, you’d use 2 tablespoons sugar, add a teaspoon of olive oil and 2 drops of rose water essence. Then add a little of yellow food coloring powder and mix it together. You follow the same process for the red sugar scrub and then make a smaller amount of the white sugar scrub. When you swirl the colors together, you get. . .this. . .

Candy colored Lip scrubThe colors in this scrub and the sweet flavor is just such an awesome combo. It would make a great gift for any occasion really. So, order up some of that essence and food coloring, grab your sugar and olive oil and let’s DO this!

You can even download this Diy lip scrub recipe here or you can even click the image above to print or save it.


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