My Experience - My Favourites

My favourites – My experience

My Experience - My Favourites

I didn’t make it but would love to try this!!

My Experience - My Favourites

My cake with chocolate!!!

My Experience - My Favourites

I made this!!! Blackforest cake!!!

My Experience - My Favourites

He is enjoying cake more than anything else

My Experience - My Favourites

Elder brother birthday

My Experience - My Favourites

Little brother birthday!!! Though taller than me!!

My Experience - My Favourites

Hello, Guys!!! I know it been a week that I have updated my last post. It had been a hectic week for me. November month has been the hospital month for me. Making rounds to the hospital for someone or the other and at times for myself.

So yes, this post is about my experience while I made different dishes for the first time and how it turned out. I won’t lie but yes I cook well enough so I am a jack of cooking but not yet master. I wanted to make different dishes and give my taste palette a difference from the usual one. It was also the month of birthdays and anniversaries so it was celebration time.

Since it was celebration time, I made cakes not just once but twice and every time I made the cake I had to make two cakes. One cake is never enough for us.

I had a really good experience in making different dishes and cakes. They tasted good and gave a change to me from that hospital runs. It was like mood changer.

I made Blackforest cake, Gobi Manchurian, different parathas and rice. I know it may sound usual to some of you but in my life, it is unusual and exciting too.

I have two brothers and both have their birthdays in the month of November. So I had to make a cake and you won’t believe the amount of time it took to complete one cake. It was just the time that my brother’s cut the cake and it was over. Not just once but twice it was same and yes I do get compliments for my cake and everyone wanted more of it.

We all love starters and so we love Gobi Manchurian in it. It was just the time that I fried all gobi baji. And we just made dry Gobi Manchurian and it was over. Every other time I tried something new in dinner or lunch it was almost completed.

This just gave me a boost of confidence to keep on trying and keep enjoying the new taste from it. It is little hard work that it requires and when it pays off through the smile on others and compliments from others, you just could not ask for anything more.

I would ask you all food lovers and non-lovers to also try to make new dishes and share it with your family and friends. I am sure you are going to rock it.


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