Clean your makeup brushes and sponges the easy way

We all love to dress up and do makeup for various occasions. Makeup helps in highlighting the features that we want to and for these, we use various makeup brushes, sponges, and tools.

We use them frequently and keep them back in their place and again next time we pick them and use them again. Have you ever given thought that all the while that they stay in those organizers and containers they are likely to attract dust and bacterias? And when we use them again, they transfer those dust and bacterias to our facial skin. This helps in clogging of pores and build of acne because of those makeup tools.

I have always emphasized on having a CTM routine to take care of our skin and keep it glowing and healthy. To help in keeping our skin at its best, it is necessary to clean our makeup brushes and sponges every week. It is not at all hell lot of work to clean them. It takes 15 mins max to clean all of them and save many bucks that we could spend on acne treatment and others.

Examine the brushes:

Did you use your tools for powder or cream based makeup? This is the first thing that you should look for before starting with your cleaning process. Brushes used for powder makeups doesn’t need deep cleaning but brushes that were used in cream makeups needs to be cleaned deeply.

How to clean makeup brushesHow to clean makeup brushes

Wet the bristles of brushes:

Take your brush and keep it under running water to wet the bristles and also to remove old makeup. Sometimes keeping the bristles of brushes under running water would completely clean the brushes. Make sure not to get water underneath the metal clasp as it will ruin the glue that helps the metal clasp hold the bristles.

How to clean makeup brushes

Mix water and baby shampoo in a bowl:

Take a bowl, add water and baby shampoo in 2:1 parts. Mix the mixture and now take one brush and swirl it in the water and shampoo mixture. Make sure only upper part of the bristles are in the water as you don’t want to ruin your brush.

How to clean makeup brushes

Squeeze the bristles:

Now take out the brush and carefully squeeze the bristles to take out shampoo water and makeup.

How to clean makeup brushes

Run under water:

Now place the brush under running water to clean it up completely. Now the brush is clean and safe to use.

If you want you can squeeze the water by covering the brush with a cotton towel and squeezing the bristles gently.

How to clean makeup brushes

Air dry:

Give the brush its natural shape and place the brush at end of the table or plates in a way that bristles are hanging in air and handle is on the table. This helps in air drying the brush.

How to clean makeup brushes 


  • If you have used your makeup brushes in cream makeup then before putting them in shampoo water , take a bowl, add little baby oil or coconut oil and swirl the upper part of brushes in the bowl of oil. This helps in removing cream makeups. Then wash them as usual.
  • You can clean sponges also in the same way except that you don’t need them to swirl just squeeze them by wetting them in the start and directly putting some shampoo on the sponges. Then wash them in clean water and air dry as the brushes.
  • You can use baby wipes or makeup remover wipes to just wipe the brushes before using.
  • You can even hang the brushes to let them air dry.

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