If you have been following me, you would have read my recent post on savings or splurging on skincare products. I love series of posts related to one another in some way or other.We could read on and on get to know many more things. Some questions that arise while reading the particular post answers for those can be found in the other post.  This post is also related to the recent post about to save or splurge on beauty, skin and hair care products.

This post is all about hair care products and to decide on which products to save and on which it is good to splurge. Sometimes drugstore products work as well as a luxury one then  why to spend a lot in gaining that luxury product and its benefits.

Every plant to blossom needs to be taken care and looked after. This is possible only when there is a routine set for it. The same goes for our hair. Hair also needs care and love and a beauty routine to be voluminous and lustrous. For this, we use various products and having this large market of products its hard not to get influenced and naturally we end up spending more than needed. So at end of this post, you will be able to save some bucks on the products and still have gorgeous strands of hair.

Save or splurge on hair care products

Oils: Spend

Oils for hair is like vitamins and minerals. They help in repairing and reconstructing every strand by giving an enormous amount of nutrients to it. So spending on oils is a thumbs up from my side. I love to oil my hair with different oils to get in return the long lustrous hair. There are some oils that I swear by

  1. Parachute coconut oil
  2. Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive hair treatment
  3. Organix Moroccan oil

Shampoo: Save

Shampoos are used to clear our scalp and hair. While looking for a shampoo it is better to look for products that don’t strip away natural oils from our hair. Also, it should be SLS and parabens free as they are very harmful to our hair. I make sure to check ingredients before buying shampoo and organic ones are better. I love

  1.  Himalayan Herbals Protein  Shampoo

Conditioner: Splurge

Conditioners come as a rescue to our hair after they had been washed using shampoos. They help in restoring hair’s oils and nutrients and also smoothens them out. Conditioners are a must in haircare routine. You cannot skip on them. The conditioners that I love are

  1. Dove hair therapy hair fall rescue conditioner
  2. L’Oreal Paris Lp Hex 6 Oil Conditioner

Styling Products: Depends

Styling products are something that not everyone uses on a regular basis. Some of us use them every day and others use occasionally. It also depends on requirements of products in our life. I prefer to not spend a lot instead I try to find ways to get the result in DIY way. There are many products and brands so spend wisely and choose that is well suited to your hair type and texture. I am eyeing on Bblunt  products to try and style my hair. You can check their products here

Comment below – Do you tend to save or splurge on your haircare products?

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