A post on saving or splurging on beauty products

Save or Splurge???

A post on saving or splurging on beauty products
Hello, everyone!! We all have faced the difficulty in deciding on which skincare products to save and on which we should splurge. It is hard to take this decision when we are surrounded by a variety of products from drugstore to affordable and high-end luxury products. To make it easier, first, we should be aware of purpose and needs of each product in our routine. Let’s see where to save and where we should splurge to reap the benefits of products without making a whole in our pockets.

Cleanser: Save

The purpose of cleanser is to clean our skin out of dirt & impurities. I have tried many types of cleansers and I found that even drugstore cleansers work well in doing its job clearing my skin completely. Then why not to save on cleansers and buy those that works well from drugstore ones.

Toner: Splurge

Toner is used after the cleansing of face to remove any left over makeup particles and any remainings of cleansers on our face. This way it helps in unclogging pores from any harsh particles and so it is okay to splurge on toners for a gorgeous skin.

Moisturizer: Save

Moisturizing our facial skin and other parts of the body is essential all year long. It is just not winters when we should be moisturizing our dry skin. But, when we can hydrate our skin well with drugstores and affordable moisturizers then why to splurge and make a whole in pockets. So it is a save on moisturizers.

When you buy a drugstore moisturizer find those that are suitable to our skin and doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients that can irritate our skin.

Sunscreen: Splurge

Sunscreen is something that we try to apply daily on routine to protect our skin from harmful sun rays. Sunscreen with a higher level of SPF and a broad spectrum is always beneficial in this environment. So splurging on sunscreen is what I would recommend and save our skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Exfoliants: Splurge

According to dermatologists, exfoliants are the best friends of our skin. Exfoliants work well in removing dead skin cells from our body and sometimes high-end products work very well in exfoliating than the drugstores one. So Splurge!!!!

Masks: Save

Masks are a thick paste that helps in pulling out impurities from the skin and give radiance and glow to our skin. When all these are possible with our homemade DIYs then why to splurge on them. Instead of investing in those luxurious masks, go into your kitchen and make masks at almost no cost but with total natural benefits and glowing skin.




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