Lacto Calamine Skin Balance Daily Nourishing Lotion Review

Lacto Calamine skin balance nourishing lotion full review

Lacto Calamine skin balance nourishing lotion full review

I recently bought Lacto Calamine skin balancing daily moisturizing lotion. I got oil control variant from various others as I have oily skin. It comes in a plastic bottle with a cap. I got the 30ml bottle of Lacto calamine lotion because I wanted to try and test before investing in it.

Firstly, Lacto calamine lotion contains kaolin and glycerine with various others ingredients. It is a water based lotion which is good for oily skin people as it helps in not clogging the pores. It is priced Rs. 60 for a 30ml bottle which is little costly . The consistency of the lotion is liquid and flows out easily but not very liquid either.

I have been using the lotion for a month now and I feel it is good for the purpose of controlling oil on face. It blends well and also mattifies my face for a longer period and also makes it bright. I also used the lotion on my shoulders where I have a lot of acne and zits. I have felt the decrease in zits and a smooth surface without any feeling of bumps. It also acts as a base or primer on the face and gives a smooth surface to start with makeup.

All in all, I loved this lotion and it has served its purpose of controlling oil. I would surely repurchase this once it is over and would recommend to everyone who has oily skin.


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