October favourites 2016

Back with monthly favorites!!! Am excited for this month’s favorites. I have so many favorites in this month. It has also been hectic as well as exciting month for me. This time favorites are from various categories from clothing to food to music and much more.

In skin care I have got two products. First one is Lacto calamine lotion. Since I have oily skin I got oil control type.This lotion is really good. It makes my skin smooth and matte for a considerable period of time. A full review post will be coming up soon.

Another product is a lip balm from The Body Shop. It is a Hemp Lip conditioner Intense moisturization for dry lips. It is in twist tube for easy application and consistency is thick and moisturizes my lips very well. I love it and swear by it. It is my first tube and going to repurchase it again. I will surely recommend to everyone who has got very dry lips.

October favourites 2016

The Hemp lip protector by The Body Shop

A hair care product that I have been using for a while and loving it too. It is Dove hair therapy hair fall rescue conditioner. It makes my hair smooth and silky and less frizzy. Love to play with my hair after every wash using dove conditioner.

Next is a makeup product and it is a lip product. It is a Miss Claire Glimmersticks for lips in shade urban red L-39. It is a beautiful red shade and makes glides on smoothly and stays for a long time as well. It doesn’t dry on my lips. A very good shade and will try some more colours from this range.

I have been loving movies of actor Vijay Sethupathi and from his recent movie I have been loving this song called Kannu Kattu Podhum. Really a  melodious song and when I listened to it for first time I kept on listening to it until I sang along with it. This has been at top in my music playlist this October.

October was also a month full of Festivals. I was excited for Diwali specially. From preparation of snacks to cleaning and getting ready for Diwali. I have added some pics of snacks and my outfit.

October favourites 2016

My Diwali makeup and outfit look!!

October favourites 2016

Snacks prepared at home!!

The next item is food item. It has been my favorite for a very long time. Even every person who tasted this couldn’t resist from eating again and again. It is called as Pandu mirapakaya pachadi in Andhra pradesh. It’s a red chili pickle. Sour and spicy is its main feature. Makes a great side dish for everything and adds spiciness to your food.

October favourites 2016

Pandu mirapakaya pachadi – Red chilli pickle

With this my October favorites list is over. If you liked this post do click like button and comment what you would love to try from this list. Bye until next post:):)


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