5 Uses Of Your Old Mascara Wand

5 uses of old mascara wand that would save you some time and money!!!!
Hello everyone,

Have you been throwing away your old mascara wand? If yes then this post is for you. Ever gave a thought that you could use it again after cleaning it up? I have listed down 5 different ways to reuse your old wand and I swear by them. To know it’s different uses go on reading.

  1. Comb your eyebrows: When you wakeup and find your eyebrows have parted ways from each other by disagreement that’s when your mascara wand comes to rescue to bring those parted eyebrows to an agreement.
  2. A good Exfoliator: You can now get relax and have beautifully fuller rose lips by using your mascara wand to exfoliate them. Take some lip balm apply it all over your lips and now take your wand and rub your lips. Here your wand acts as an exfoliator and exfoliates your lips from the chapped and dead skin leaving you with pink and fuller looking lips.
  3. Use in your new mascara:  We love some particular wands as they give us fuller looking & volumised lashes. Then why throw them away!! Instead, use them in your new bottle and enjoy your fuller lashes.
  4. Remove clumps from lashes: Sometimes you must have found your mascara clumps on lashes and found it difficult to remove it. Now you can remove it using your old mascara wand. It will remove clumps and even out your eyelashes.
  5. Tame flyaways: Using your old mascara wand tame your flyaways. Spray your hairspray on the wand and use it to tame your flyaways. Voila!! Your hairstyle is at topnotch now.
  6. Moisturize your lashes: You can now easily moisturize your lashes by applying moisturizer or oil using old mascara wand. This helps in the clean and clear way of moisturizing without making it clumsy.

These are some simple hacks of your old mascara wand that you can try and make your life little easier. Enjoy your festivals and do follow me in other social media for new updates. Happy Reading!!!


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