5 Different Eyeliner Looks

Hello, beauties. This time, I am here to show you 5 different eyeliner looks to create for various occasions. Though I said 5 I also added one more which is new and trending in Instagram now. Practice is the only way to master anything new. I never knew how to apply eyeliner and practicing it daily and every now and then has brought me here where I am sharing with you guys the basics of eyeliners.

How to do 5 different eyeliners

For beginners, it’s good to use pen eyeliners more than liquid or gel eyeliners. Pen eyeliners give more control and precision while applying on eyelids as they have felt tip. I recommend using Maybelline The Colossal liner as it has felt tip which is sturdy and gives good grip. The formulation of it is good but not jet black. You can buy it from amazon, by clicking the link. http://amzn.to/2dRjpAr

Simple eyeliner:

This is a simple and a very basic eyeliner look. It goes through the shape of lids and starts and ends with the eye. Firstly, draw a dotted line on eyelids as close to your eyelashes. Now join the dots to make it a line keeping your hand steady. A simple basic eyeliner is done and now you need to start practice.

How to do 5 different eyeliners

How to do 5 different eyeliners

Eyeliner with a flick:

Now that you know how to draw a simple eyeliner, let’s take a step further. Draw a simple eyeliner and from the corner of your eyes draw a flick outwards and upwards. This gives a simple eyeliner a little change. Now you got an eyeliner with a flick.

How to do 5 different eyeliners

Winged eyeliner:

A winged eyeliner is a classic eyeliner and best suited for special occasions when you don’t want to go overboard still highlight your eyes. For this, first, draw a wing at the outer corner of your eyes and then draw a line back to eyelids and then draw a line near to lashes making a triangle. Now draw line from inner corner of eyes till the triangle and make an even winged eyeliner look.

How to do 5 different eyeliners

Dramatic eyeliner:

Dramatic eyeliner are for those who don’t fear to go all out and bold with their makeup or eyeliners. This look is very dramatic, bold and striking. None can ignore this eyeliner look once you wear it. For this dramatic look, create a simple basic eyeliner and extend it little outside the eye. Draw another line from the same inner corner of eye leaving space in between both the lines and connecting it to the previous line outside the eye. Now fill in the liner between lines and you are done. Dramatic eye look is good for evening parties and festive occasions where all attention is drawn too your gorgeous bold eyes.

How to do 5 different eyeliners

Double eyeliner:

With the name you must have somehow guessed what kind of look it is. Yes, a double eyeliner with two different colours. Create a winged eyeliner with your black eyeliner. Now take any other colour eyeliner pencil of your choice and carefully draw same winged liner using the pencil above the black one. Here you have a double winged liner with a hint of colour.

How to do 5 different eyeliners

Ribbon Eyeliner:

Ribbon eyeliner is in craze in instragram. Now even you can try it for yourself. It is very easy but keep your hand steady while doing it. Use different and bright colors to make it stand out. Here I drew a simple winged eyeliner and used red and green colour pencils to draw curves around the wing like snake. 

How to do 5 different eyeliners

Now you have got sorted out with your eyeliner doubts. Doing eyeliner with a little variations is very easy now. Try this for yourself and share it with me on any social media tagging me @harshamandoth and hashtag #mygotoeyeliner. Will wait for your eyeliner looks and also tell me if this post was helpful and if I missed anything. Bye lovely ladies !! ❤


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