A complete travel essentials guide with free printable

Travel essentials checklist with free printable

Travel Essentials Checklist

Good morning, what a climate it is! I wish to go on a trip and enjoy such fabulous climate. it feels good when I think about going on a trip but always get worried and irritated while packing. It takes me hours and sometimes days to pack for a well-planned trip. I am always scolded by my mom for taking such long time. I am helpless. I won’t remember what are all the things I need to pack and what I have packed already. I tend to forget something or the other always.

After messing always I came up with an idea of making a list of items which I will need during any of my trips. I categorized my needs of items under various needs like body parts, seasonal needs, toiletries, etc. This helped me to pack all my items and never miss on anything in future. This also helped me in packing in very less time excluding the time I take to choose outfits for the trip. But I can take that time at least. šŸ˜›

Some points you need to remember while packing,

  1. Make a list of things you need to pack beforehand to make it easy while packing.
  2. Keep in mind your lifestyle and your needs as it may differ from me and others.
  3. Consider the climate of the place you are going and pack accordingly.

To make it easy for you, I have attached a free printable that you can use the next time you struggle while packing. You can either click on the image of the checklist or link which is below. Happy journey !!

To download the free printable, click here.




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