September Favourites 2016

September Favourites 2016

Hello, Hello, guys!! I am here with my September favourites. How has been September for you? Comment below your September journey. September has been a great month for me. It has been a productive month and has kept me always on my toes. I will share with you all one by one of this month’s favourites.

Firstly, this is the month when I started blogging. I love beauty, makeup and trying new things. I wanted to share and learn and that’s why I started writing and came up with my blog. It’s been a month since I started. I may sound cheesy still HAPPY ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY TO ALL my readers. I promise to come up with a new and many varieties of the blog post. If you want me to do any particular type do tell me by commenting below.

Secondly, I have been enjoying a book called When only love remains by Durjoy Dutta. He is an Indian writer and writes love stories. I am not a regular reader but when I started reading this book I couldn’t stop myself until I read it completely. I like love stories and I am also a sensitive person. I get connected to characters so easily that I laugh when they do and cry as well. I would recommend you to try this book.

September Favourites 2016

When only love remains – Durjoy Dutta

Next September favourite is the pants that I bought recently. They are half pants and the material is so soft. Pants are so comfortable and even the band is comfy and doesn’t make marks on my waist, unlike other elastic bands, do. If you haven’t seen them in my haul post click here to read the post.Edit

September Favourites 2016

September Favourites 2016

Lastly, I am from Rajasthan but live in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. I love Tamil movies. Recently I became a fan of a particular actor from Kollywood. His name is Vijay Sethupathi, a really good natural actor and is titled as Makkal Selvan by his fans. The movie I watched was Aandavan Kattalai which means God’s order. A very good comical and light hearted movie. If you know Tamil or not please watch it with subtitles and enjoy for yourself. He is such an actor who released three of his movies in two months subsequently. I just love him.

September Favourites 2016

These are my September favourites and I have enjoyed everything to fullest. I will try coming up with every monthly favorites and keep following for more such posts and others as well. Subscribe to get notified of every new post. Love you guys ☺


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