Diwali series-clothing haul

Diwali series- Clothing haul

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Hello, ladies and girls!! This month is special for everyone. It is a month of festivals like Navratri, Dussehra, and Diwali. There will be diwali series posts this month on every Wednesday. Today I will share with you A Diwali Series- Clothing Haul. I did a little shopping and now I am going to share it with you. I bought only apparels this time.

Here in Madurai during Diwali a flea market takes place. It starts from a month or more than a month before Diwali. I visited a shop in this flea market and this shop has piles of clothes stacked up on benches separately for kids , grown-ups and boys. Though sometimes they do get mixed up but that’s okay.

So all these that I have bought are either for 90 or 120 Rs. only! I know! I know! I know! They are cheap right! You will get a variety of tops and in variable sizes. You have to be keen in searching for tops and size that fits you properly. There might be some damage in clothes so check  thoroughly before you pay for them.

Good clothing at a great deal !! Try your hand on some good clothing at the economical price.


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