How to shave and myths busted!!

Hello guys! Everyone of us thinks about ways to remove unwanted hair from our body like underarms, hands or legs. Back then, i was naive and never knew how to look good  and that I should even remove unwanted hair. Then one day, mom got me hair removal cream to remove hair in underarms and that’s when i started to give a thought about hair removal.

Then I heard creams darkens skin color and so I stopped it. I felt awkward to go for waxing of underarms. But having no other option, i went for it a number of times. I wasn’t happy with going out for waxing to remove unwanted hair and then I heard that it is okay to shave hair and there were separate razors launched for women by Gillette.

I felt this is what i have been waiting for. I immediately got myself a Gillette Venus razor and my friend recommended me to get a bottle of Gillette Classic Sensitive Skin Pre Shave Foam. This bottle was 418g for Rs.200 and it lasted for two years for me. I am really thankful that my friend recommended it to me. Now hair removal process became so easy.

I am really sorry guys for such long intro. Let’s directly go to guide for how to shave and I will show how I shave my legs.

Step by step guide:

  1. I use Luke warm water to wet hair on legs. This is to open up pores and make hair more soft to shave them.
  2. I personally like to apply foam over my legs using a shaving brush. I take foam on brush and apply all over leg covering it completely.How to shave-step by step guide
  3. Use the razor in upward direction, the direction opposite of hair growth to shave legs.Shave legs from ankles up. I do it twice in same direction and once in downward direction , the direction in which hair grows to get a complete shave. For under-arms, shave from all angles – up, down and sideways. For the bikini area, shave in the direction of hair growth first and against it for an extra-close shave.How to shave-step by step guideHow to shave-step by step guide
  4. Now I wash my legs and I am left with clear, smooth, silky and beautiful shaved legs.
  5. After shaving, it’s always important to moisturize. It helps to keep skin hydrated, not to mention glowing.

At times, I scrub my legs before applying foam to open up in grown hair and remove them as well.

Myths regarding shaving busted:

  1. Shaving doesn’t make hair grow thick. It is just a illusion because of blunt cut of hair.
  2. Shaving doesn’t make hair grow faster. Hair grows on its own speed as usual and it varies for every person.
  3. Hair doesn’t grow back darker either.I have been shaving for last two years and I am saying it from my personal experience.
  4. Shaving doesn’t leave your skin dry and flaky. Instead shaving helps in getting rid of dead skin and giving us soft skin.
  5. Plus it is also inexpensive and easy shaving at the comfort of your home.

Now that you know how to shave and myths relating to shaving have also been cleared, you can also try shaving your hair and save your time and mess from waxing and parlour appointments. Happy shaving !!



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