Gillette VENUS All in One Pack Review

Am here with another post in series of shaving unwanted hair but this time it’s not about how to shave rather a review of products. I am talking about Gillette VENUS All In One pack for silky smooth skin. 

Gillette Venus All in One pack - review

Gillette Venus All in One pack

This is All in one pack where you are sorted with a Gillette Venus Razor, a pack of Gillette Venus cartridge and lastly and most important to shave –Gillette Satin Care shave gel for sensitive skin.

This pack costs Rs.549 and the razor has got a catridge attached to it. The catridge box has got 2 catridges and each catridge has 3 set of blades in it. The satin care shaving gel weighs 195g. All this in one pack, isn’t that awesome. It is like a gift pack.

Gillette Venus all in one pack review

Gillette Venus all in one pack

 Gillette Venus all in one pack review


Gillette Venus all in one pack review

Gillette Venus all in one pack review

Gillette Venus Razor:

The razor has got a cartridge attached to it. It has got pivoting rounded head. The three blades are surrounded by soft protective cushions. The cushions gently smooth out the skin for a close, smooth shave. Below the cushions there is a Indicator strip in blue and white color. This strip contains aloe and Vitamin E. This strip slowly fades as and when we use and when it totally fades away you can understand that optimal shave is not possible. It means change of catridge. The catridge attached to razor has also got a cap for safe and clean storage of blades.

Gillette Venus catridges:

This pack has got two catridges in it. Showersafe blade refills are individually sealed to stay clean and dry – even when stored in shower. Venus blade refills are sold separately. All Venus catridges fit Venus razor handles.

Gillette satin care shaving gel:

The packaging of shave gel is quite attractive. In blue and green bottle with off -white plastic cap. It has got a press button and a small hole through which gel flows out. The gel is for sensitive skin with Aloe Vera. Gel is blue and white in colour and it smooth and has gel consistency. It has got light frangrance and advanced lubricants that provides incredible razor glide for protection against nicks and cuts. To use gel, rub gel gently all over wet skin and lather it up for smooth shave.

My take on Gillette Venus pack:

I have been using razor for past one year or so and i am just loving it. No need to press razor for clean shave and it glides smoothly to provide clean shave. It leaves skin soft and smooth. The gel also helps in getting better shave with its smooth consistency. It is suitable for all types of skin and doesn’t leave it dry.

I will definitely recommend and repurchase the razor and shaving gel once it gets over. I am loving it totally and I can remove unwanted hair at any time and any place. Get yours here.

No more appointments and time saving!!!


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