my daily skincare routine - step by step

My daily skincare routine !!

Hello friends, i am going to share about my current skin care routine. I am speaking about this routine because i have seen differences after i started with this skin care routine.

Let me tell you about what my skin type is. My skin is very oily and have had lots  of acne before i started with this routine. I used a lot of products before sticking to this routine. While i used many different products from home made to drugstore products, i didn’t find any product helping me with my acne problem. After watching many youtuber’s videos with their skincare routine and understood what i should try for my skin and i finally got my skincare routine.

  1. First, i downloaded Aqualert app from play store for my android phone. This helped me in setting goal to drink water. Slowly, i kept increasing my goal to 3 litres. Now i try to drink 3 litres of water daily. This is very important step and you need to drink enough water.

    My daily skin care routine - water app-  Aqualert

    Aqualert – Google Play store

  2. I started washing my face with Neutrogena oil-free acne wash. I religiously washed my face every morning while bath and every night before sleep. Neutrogena face wash is oil free which is good for oily skin and also contains salicylic acid which helps in fighting with acne. It helps in removing dirt , oil and also helps in preventing future acne.

    My daily skin care routine -facewash - Neutrogena

    Neutrogena oil free face wash

  3. Moisturising is a must for every skin type. I have been using Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Alpha hydroxy skin renewal oil free moisturiser. It is creamy in texture and flowy too. Two pumps of the moisturiser is enough for face and neck every morning and night. Sometimes to give that extra care and pamper to my skin i apply Lakme Absolute Skin Gloss overnight mask before going to bed. It is gel based so massage well into skin and is very moisturising too.
    my daily skincare routine - step by step

    Lotus Herbals Alphamoist moisturiser

    My daily skin care routine - step by step

    Lakme Absolute Skin Gloss overnight mask

  4.  Next step in skincare routine is applying sunscreen. I use Lakme Sun Expert Fairness +UV Lotion with SPF 24 PA++. A small drop sized sunscreen is enough for face and neck. I apply this daily even on days when i stay at home because you never know when i have to rush out and i might not remember to apply before stepping out.

    my daily skin care routine- lakme sun expert suncscreen

    lakme sun expert sunscreen

  5. Next and probably last step in my daily routine is  to apply aloe vera gel. I have lots of acne scars and pimples. Aloe vera is known for its soothing , hydrating and moisturizing properties. I use Patanjali aloe vera gel.  I have seen how my skin looks the next morning when i have applied aloe vera gel before going to sleep. My skin looks clean and clear and more hydrated. You can use any aloe vera gel and if you use fresh gel, it is better.

    My daily skincare routine - Neutrogena, Lakme, Lotus Herbals, Patanjali

    My daily skin care routine

Other than these i exfoliate twice or thrice my skin using Neutrogena deep clean blackhead eliminating scrub. after using this my skin feels more soft and smooth in texture. You need to scrub your face twice or thrice a week to remove all dirt, grime that couldn’t been removed just by face wash.

So this is my daily skin care routine. I recommend you readers also to understand your skin and get your own skin care routine to enjoy your radiant , glowing and clear skin.


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