Beauty terms that you are unaware of

Beauty Trends that we heard of, but no idea what they really mean!!!

Beauty terms you should be knowing

Nothing remains permanent in this fast moving world and many a thing compete with an hour and minutes hand. The planet of charming beauty is no exception.

Beauty and makeup have always been coming up with new trends and those trends have got their special name.Like, our very own lipsticks that changed from glossy ones to matte ones. Every new trend has got its very own name coined for it.

At times we say something about the trend but we have no idea of what it’s been called and vice versa. So here I have got you some beauty trends with their names and what they really mean

.Beauty terms that you are unaware of

  1. Micellar water:  It is a mixture of toner and cleanser used to remove dirt, oil and other impurities from our face. It is made up of a particle called micelles. That is why we could see every beauty blogger and youtuber talking about these waters.
  2. Strobing: You must have heard this term in our recent Lakme fashion week 2016. Kareena Kapoor flaunting the strobing look in the grand finale of the fashion week. What is this strobing? Simply putting, strobing is highlighting. It means highlighting or bringing to light high points of the face. Now how do we highlight must be your next question? Using highlighters or shimmer powder on those high points.
  3. Bubble eyeliner We always end up messing our winged eyeliner. It looks difficult to get that flick exactly. But don’t worry guys here is a new trend in eyeliner – bubble eyeliner. It is a style wherein we draw eyeliner on eyelid in bubbles form or say it a scalloped pattern.
  4. Balayage This trend is related to hair. It is a freehand hair coloring technique. In this, no tools are used other than hands of a very skilled hair expert to color hair.
  5. Underlights:  By the term underlights you must have understood something which is under not visible. But what light means here? Underlights means a lower layer of our hair is highlighted with some colors and is kept covered or hidden by an upper layer of hairs from the crown section which are in natural hair color and not colored.

So these are some of the beauty trends that we might have heard of but still had no or very little idea of what they meant! I hope you all enjoyed reading this post.

Please comment and ask anything, I would love to hear you all. 🙂

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