Make it yummy…;)😋

I made some Baby Corn Bajis today. As a snack, it is easy to prepare and an usual snack too.

Doesn’t usual sounds (tastes) boring😝?! What if we can give it a different taste with a small addition?

In for the change?  If yes, try the below

To serve Four:

1. Take Half/Full pocket of Shakti Baji Powder in a small bowl

2. Take a cup of water and mix it with Shakti Baji Powder

3. Mix it till you paste not thick or thin….thick enough to cover baby corn slices.

4. Take 6 Baby Corn and wash it cleanly.

5. Slice each Baby Corn into Equal Halves.
6. Now dip each slice of baby corn into paste and deep fry them.
7. Fry all slices and take them in a serving plate.

Here comes the tip or you can say the game changer.. .sprinkle Everest Chat Masala on bajis you made. You can even make a mixture of jalajira powder, black salt and red chilli powder and sprinkle this on bajis you made.

Done Prepaing? Chalo! Its time to Snack 😋 Happy Snacking 👻👻


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