Essential oils in skincare – Why and How To Use

Have you used essential oils in skincare? Worry not, this article will help you start using oils in skincare routine once you read it fully.

The Art Of Asking Forgiveness

Today is last day of auspicious Paryushan festival for jains. Today is the day where jains follow a beautiful tradition of saying ‘MICHCHHAMI DUKKADAM’. It is meant to ask for forgiveness from each and every being on this planet whom you may have caused pain or suffering at any moment in life knowingly or unknowingly,…

Cowl Neck And Denim Skirt Looks

Style and step up your fashion game with pieces from your wardrobe and making lot of usage out of it with few new pieces added to wardrobe.

Life And Blog Updates

Announcing about a surprise that I have had for a month now and also a dream that has come true.