It’s not all that glamorous

I have been MIA for long due to personal reasons and I almost fell into this thing where I no more knew how to write. It felt like I wasn’t the one who did the blogging in those days. A total different person who doesn’t know ABC of blogging and content creation. Still lost and…

Revive your Dry Gel Eyeliner In Simple steps

We all have thrown out our gel eyeliners because they dried out. I had mine stored to be used some day and when the day came, liner didn’t work as I wanted. Even after closing them air-tight, they dry up, not air-tight enough. So I had to give back life to this drying pot. And…

My Experience With Bubble farm

After stepping into organic skincare found Bubble farm, a homegrown brand in this field. Will take you through the experience I had with Bubble farm.

Christmas Wishlist

This is the season for making wishlist and exchnaging gifts. Here is my Christmas wishlist that can help you to get gifts for your loved ones.